One of my best friends Mahdi, recommended me to watch the Human documentry, that was really awesome, I watched the first VOL (as they call episode) and I really enjoyed that, to listen to other humans, the nice and hard things that people have in their life. Here is the Human documentry, on YouTube  

Cortana and Siri, both are clever but…

Siri and Cortana both are the intelligent assistants, Siri is from Apple and Cortana is a Microsoft product. Siri released on 2011 and Cortana released on 2014 (about 2 years after Apple’s Siri). Both Cortana and Siri use real human voice (I bet you already knew this) and both are clever, don’t you believe me?… Read more

Detecting nudity by nude.js

Huh! Is it possible? By JavaScript right in the browser?! Yep! nude.js is existing out there; Patrick Wied and some other good smart programmers, developed an open-source project named nude.js and they say “nude.js is a JavaScript implementation of a nudity scanner based on approaches from research papers.” Does it really work? I tried nude.js… Read more

Learn how to learn easier in 9 simple steps

All of us had difficulties in learning something new, remember your math classes, or even your language classes when you were in elementary school. I had a difficult time to learn math because no one taught how to learn math better and easier. Many field and skill need their own different activities and different exercises… Read more


Hello all, I’m Mohammad Kermani, a web developer focused mainly on JavaScript [Front-end] development. I’m always a student, learning something new every day. I don’t expect a terribly large readership, but hopefully I can post some things that will help some people along the way. I will learn by writing too. As Albert Einstein said,… Read more